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Teaching Tip Tuesday: Flipping with FlipGrid and

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Update: 3/4/19:  The 2019 @flipgrid Appsmash Tournament is open for voting!  Go check it out HERE: 

Original Post:
So I was playing around this past weekend with my two favorite tools EVER!  

They are both Flipping Awesome!

I'm talking about FlipGrid and  Both of these tools have been amazing to use independently.  So, of course... I had to find a way to bring my two favorite tools together and have an EPIC app-smash!

Introducing to you:
Visual Flashcards!

When both apps are smashed together, you will be able to embed your Flipgrid videos into various activities.  Here's how the Flipgrid videos look when I embedded them into vocabulary cards:

Here are the steps I took to accomplish this activity for my students:

  • Create a FlipGrid topic under your Grid.  Then, create your videos.  I named this topic: 2nd Grade Sight Words.
    • You could also use this with class procedures, class cheers, vocabulary lessons, etc...
  • Next, I went to and grabbed the flash card template.  
    • I deleted the content from the template and added my own sight words.  
    • I took the embed code for each Flipgrid video and added the code to my Google Sheet.
  • I then made sure to publish my sheet.  I then went to the bottom tab and clicked on the 2nd tab.  Clicked on the link and my activity was ready to go!

Below I created a full 3-minute tutorial walking you through this same process:

My next project will be smashing these two apps together for some sweet visual Quiz Show instruction!


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