Web Tool Wednesday: DocHub Saves the Day

Web Tool Wednesday: DocHub Saves the Day

Have you ever gotten a pdf through email and you were asked to fill it out and return to the sender? Or, maybe you have a pdf online that you need to fill out? Look no further because I would love to share with you one of my favorite tools- DocHub. I do not have the paid version of Adobe that let’s you fill out PDFs, so DocHub is my alternative. 

DocHub let’s you open the PDF, and then you can add text, signature, and more!

How does this work?

1. Find a PDF in your Gmail or Drive (make sure you are using the Chrome browser).

2. At the top of the webpage screen, look for the words “Open With” and click on that box. Then look for DocHub. If you have never added it, then click “connect with more apps” button.
*If you are connecting more apps because you do not have it, then a box will pop up. In the search box, search for “DocHub” and you will see the screen below pop up. Click the word connect to add. Now anytime you open a pdf in Chrome, you will be able to use DocHub.

3. Once you open a PDF with DocHub, then you will see the screen below. You can click on the “A” box to add a text box to the form (you can adjust size and location of the text box). You can add your signature or a picture. You can save it in Drive, download it, print it, or share it (the buttons have squares around them).

Check out the text I added to this document. Once I am finished, I can now save it to my Drive or send it or print it.

I love using DocHub to fill out PDFs because it is easy to use, makes my work look professional, and it is FREE. It is also great for our students to use with PDFs that we give them.