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Make Sure Monday: Are you using Drive File Stream on your desktop?

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Make Sure Monday: Are you using Drive File Stream on your desktop?

Usually, everything I have is in my Google Drive. I either upload it to Drive or create it in Drive. Occasionally, I have something on my desktop that needs to be put in my Drive. If you download File Stream, then you can easily save documents, images, videos, and more into your File Stream folder. Then it will be automatically synced to your Drive account.

Why would I do this?
*A lot of times teachers have videos or PDFs saved to their desktop. Take those PDFs or videos and save them in your Drive File Stream folder on your desktop. Then if your laptop or desktop computer crashes, you still have all of your important “stuff” in your Drive account. Yes, you can upload it to your Drive account still, but we have found this is easy for items on your desktop. The big plus is storing the items in this folder instead of on your desktop frees up space on your computer.

How do I do this?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Download for Windows.”
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen (ex: clicking yes to download and install).
  4. I made a shortcut on my desktop for my File Stream Drive folder. See image below-
  5. Now add any doc, image, video, pdf, or other items to the MyDrive folder on your desktop to save it into your Drive. 

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