Tech Tip Thursday: 😉 Everything's better with an EMOJI!

😉 Everything's Better With An EMOJI!

Thanks to my good friend, Meredith Akers (@meredithakers) (Meredith's amazing blog),  I recently learned about an awesome resource: Emojipedia!   This fantastic website is home to thousands of emojis that can be used for student feedback, social media posts, emails, labeling Google Drive folders and Google Keep notes, etc!
This site is EASY to use! Just search for the emoji that you are looking for. Click on the [Copy] button to grab a copy of the emoji. Then use as you see fit!


Here are four great ways you and your students could use this website in the classroom:

1.) Organizing Your Google Drive and/or Google Keep

Organizing Your Google Keep 🗒️ :

-Copy and paste into your Google Keep titles and/or notes.  Great for visually organizing your list.  Use the same emoji for different note titles for easy organization!

Organizing Your Google Drive 🖳:

-Copy and paste into your Google Drive folder titles and/or document titles.  Great for visually organizing your folders and documents.  *Note:  If you place the emoji at the beginning of the title, it will organize it to the beginning of your ABC order, in front of numbers and symbols.  However, this is useful when you always need quick access to the same folders all the time.  

2.) Providing Student Feedback 🗨️:

-Copy and paste into your google comments when providing students feedback.

3.) Adding To Your Social Media Posts:

-Copy and paste emoji's into your social media posts!  These emojis will make your posts visually eye-catching and enjoyable!  

4.) Making Your Email Subject Line "POP":

-Educators won't be skipping over your emails anymore when you hook them with some excellent Emojis!  

Enjoy!  Start rocking your Emojis!