Must Know Monday: Lunapic Website

Must Know Monday: Lunapic Website

The best thing about going to conferences, summits, workshops, or any kind of PD, is you usually snag a couple of good ideas, tips, or tricks. This weekend when I was talking to fellow teachers at the TXGoogle 2018 Summit, they were excited to share this Lunapic website. They were talking about one of the sessions that they went to, a presenter had mentioned Lunapic. 

What is Lunapic?
It is a free website that let’s you take a picture with a white background, and it turns the white background into a clear/png background.

How does it work?
1. Find the image’s URL link and copy it.

2. Paste in the URL on the Lunapic website and click go.

3. Go to File-Save As. Then save it as a png to have the transparent background.

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