Fab Find Friday: Classroom Ideas

Fab Find Friday: Classroom Ideas

Teachers are creative with their rooms, and each school year, it seems like the teachers come up with even more clever ideas for their classroom. Check out just a few of the classroom ideas I found around our high school.

It is no secret that our students always need extra pencils. Mrs. Cloud gets the small golf pencils (cheaper and go a longer way). After using these for a few days, your student may just find where they left their pencil.

Check out Ms. Ciabocchi’s reading corner. This small area is a great way for students to feel comfortable when reading.

This is Mrs. Ross’s charging station. Students can charge their devices at her nice charging station.

This simple container has been an awesome classroom management tool in Mrs. Featherston’s, Mrs. Fielding’s, Mr. Barber’s, and Mrs. Ruiz’s rooms. The students put their phone in the middle of the table in the container. The phones stay in the container the whole period. If it rings while in the container, they don’t get in trouble, they just turn it off. 

Do you have any other classroom ideas? Please share with us.