Teaching Tip Tuesday - Tap Lights in the Classroom

Tap lights are a simple but wonderful tool for homes.  My own boys used them for years in their rooms and closets.  So why not use them in your classroom?
Here a just a few of the creative ways teachers are utilizing tap lights with their classes. 

Noise Level:  
Creating the various stages of appropriate noise level with tap lights is a great way to visually remind your students of what is expected at that moment in your class.  Different activities may require different levels and the use of lights with your class lets them know where they should be. 

Whether or not your class uses a hall pass when students need to go to the restroom, this use of tap lights not only lets the rest of the class know someone is out, it will help remind you, the teacher, as well.  

Questions in the Classroom:
Students have a light they can tap when they have a question during non-talking activity.

Have a set of tap lights to use for review games when you don't want to review digitally.  Each team gets a light and pushes it when they have the answer. 

Teacher Use:
Use a tap light that reminds students that you are working with a small group and not to interrupt until the light is off. 

There are likely many more uses in the classroom. 
Some methods require words taped or painted on the lights, others have the instructions next to them, and some only need to click on or off.  It just depends on how you want to use them.  Sometimes simple is really effective. 

Thanks to @miss6thmath and @fridyereading for sharing.