Web Tool Wednesday: Quizizz's New Look

Web Tool Wednesday: Quizizz’s New Look
Have you taken a look at Quizizz lately? It has changed quite a bit since I last logged in before summer. Remember this is the website that lets your students all practice in a classroom activity. It lets you have more than four answer choices, it lets you put pictures in your answer choices, it lets you tag standards in each question, it prints out nice reports, it lets you choose if you want the students to see the answer or not, it shuffles questions and answers, and it lets you turn the timer on or off. 

What’s new?
*Whoever logs in first (quickest), it lets you know. Now you can reward that student who logged in first.

*While the students are playing, on the teacher’s screen, you can see the leader board and the questions. You can see each individual question and how the students are doing with that question. As well as, who is leading the game and the accuracy of everyone playing.

*When the game ends, it now showcases the winner of the game on a screen all by themselves.

*Lastly, the reports are amazing. Check out the layout. You can know which question was the toughest, and you can look at the standards that were missed the most, too.