Teaching Tip Tuesday: Students Create the Questions and Answers

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Students Creating the Questions and Answers


When students create the questions and answers, the most powerful learning occurs. I have recently had the opportunity to try out two programs with students creating the questions and answers- Kahoot and Quizizz.

Our students love playing Kahoot and Quizizz, but when they are the creators of the game, it takes the game to a whole new level. Getting to answer their own questions is pretty fun. 

We did this last year with the awesome template with pen and paper. The students would write down the questions and answer choices. Then the teacher would type these questions and answers into the game.

However, this school year, I watched this video on how students can create Kahoots in the app. Then, I read this blog post by Joe Marquez on how to create Quizizz questions with Google Forms. I tried the Kahoot app with first graders to sixth graders, and they loved making their own Kahoot games. They could not wait for their peers to play their Kahoot game.

Today, Mrs. Kocian and I tried the Quizizz Google Form, and it worked easily. For this first time, Mrs. Kocian gave study guide questions to each student on an index card. The students had to find the correct answer and then create three “wrong” answers. After she approved it, then students could put their question and answer choices in the Google Form. The spreadsheet was downloaded and then uploaded into Quizizz. It generated the questions in less than a minute based on the form template Joe Marquez created.


*Start small- only require two answer choices versus four answer choices

*First have them just come up with answer choices, and then next time have them create the questions too

*Make time for students to play the Kahoot or Quizizz game they just created

*Review the questions and answer choices they create because sometimes they are not correct

*On Quizizz, be sure to hide the columns- timestamp and name before uploading spreadsheet into game.

*We tackled it in English and history class. Stay tuned to see this happen in the math classroom this week!