Web Tool Wednesday: AudioPlayer Extension for Google Slides via the @edtechteam

Web Tool Wednesday: 
AudioPlayer Extension for Google Slides via the @edtechteam

This great extension is for all my Google Slide friends that have ALWAYS wanted/needed to add audio to their Google Slides.  Well, the wait is over, check out AudioPlayer for Google Slides.  This amazing extension is from the @edtechteam.  Read more about it here, too: http://www.audioforslides.com/

What does it do?  This extension allows you to pull mp3 audio files from your Google Drive and add them to your Google Slide Presentation.  Contrary to the belief of some, this works for the whole presentation, not just some slides.  They even have a RECORD feature which allows you, or your students, to record their voices and add to the presentation.

How awesome would this be:
  • Add recordings for reading passages, sentences, vocabulary words, etc.
  • Have students dictate their writing samples and/or presentations
  • ESL accommodations for students
  • Have students record audio for their "About Me" slide, or end of the year slide, or mothers day slide.  
  • Take snips of a test, add to your slides, and record your test for your students.
  • A digital recipe book, and record your audio talking through procedural directions
  • ETC...