Fab Find Friday - Random Name Picker Added to Google Classroom

Put down your popsicle sticks. 
Google has added a random name picker directly into Classroom. There is a small catch, currently, it's only available on an Android device as well as our newer Chromebooks.  The beauty of it is you don't have to add anything new, it's already there inside Classroom.   To use it: 

  • click the people page in your classroom and you'll see "random name picker" at the top of the screen.  
  • Click it and first will have the opportunity to mark students absent or take them out of the name picker for that session. 
  • When names appear, you can also choose the "call later" option.  
  • Once you have called on a student and click the next button, that student will have their name removed and it will pick another, and so on. 

Again this can be used on the latest version of Chromebooks by using the Classroom app, not the web version.