Fab Find Friday: Share Settings In Your Google Drive

Share Settings In Your Google Drive

The ability to collaborate and share files within your Google Drive has been a gamechanger over the past 7 years with G-Suite from Google.  An even bigger accomplishment is the ability to have multiple people working in a doc, slide, sheet, or drawing at the same exact time.

Many teachers know how to share a document with other specific individuals.  You click the share button, type in the person's name or email address, and share with them directly.  Under this option, you can allow each person to edit, view, or only comment on that document.  Once you share with someone, you can go back in and transfer ownership to other individuals within your domain. 

Some teachers don't realize there are MORE share options if you click on the share button and click on the ADVANCED options (lower right-hand corner of the share menu).  

With these Advanced options, you have the ability to change share access to everyone in your domain, or public for everyone.  You can also decide if this is with or without the direct link.  You can again change between editing, viewing, or commenting only.

We hope these tips helped with your understanding of the G-Suite share settings.