Must Know Monday: What is Gimkit?

Must Know Monday: What is Gimkit?

It looks like Kahoot or Quizizz, but it is called Gimkit. I first heard of this two weekends ago when I was talking to my best friend's sister that is a teacher in another town. She was telling me that her students have been using this game to review and they really like it. 

I did a little research and found that it was created by high school students (how cool is that?). It works similar to other games by asking students to enter in their game pin and their name. The questions and answers appear on the screen like the picture above. The teacher sees the running score on their screen like the picture below.

Every time a student gets a question correct, they earn money. If they get the question wrong, then it subtracts money. With the money they earn, they can choose to continue or go shopping.

What does the shop look like? See the picture below at what they can buy.

What were some things that I like about this game?
*I liked that the questions kept rotating/cycling in. You were exposed to the questions more than once.
*I liked that while you were waiting for your classmates to join the game, you could draw something.
*I liked that the students were learning about earning and losing money while reviewing.
*I liked that I could make my own set or pull questions in from a Quizlet set.

My only downfall with the game was the pricing (educators buy a lot and can go broke buying for their classroom- sometimes you just want to not have to upgrade):

*I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the game. Please let us know!!


  1. I am a teacher and paid for it! TOTALLY worth it!
    Kids LOVE LOVE it!


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