Teaching Tip Tuesday: SHADE Your Content for Structured Instruction

SHADE Your Content for 
Structured Instruction

Chunking your instruction into smaller sections for direct/guided instruction is a great way to purposefully provide students with content without overwhelming them.  This method also allows you, as the instructor, the ability to carefully go through reading passages, math problems, note taking, articles, procedures, tutorials, and much more at your own pace.  A great way of allowing students to obtain information in this specific way is to use a digital screen shade.

There are many ways to do this in your classroom.  Here are a couple of ideas to help with your instruction:


ScreenShade Chrome Extension
Thanks to the EdTechTeam

  • Add this awesome chrome extension from the EdTechTeam
  • Go to any website and use the ScreenShade extension to quickly cover the screen to control the pace of the lesson.
  • This one is my favorite screen shades because it's a Google Chrome extension.  Thus, it's incredibly easy to use for both teachers and students.
  • Also, the COOLEST part about this screen shade is that you can set an "end-timer" to the screen shade, so that once the timer is up, it will automatically turn off and close, revealing everything behind it.  


Gynzy Screen Shade

  • Many websites use screen shades too.  One of my favorite sites is Gynzy.  Gynzy is a digital whiteboard site that allows the use of widgets.  One of those widgets is a screen shade.
  • Go try your free version of Gynzy
  • Enable Flash, and open the board on the left tab
  • Choose the tools, and play around with their screen shades


Windows 7 and/or 10 
built-in Screen Shade
  • Type, "Screen Shade", in your search (bottom left corner, Windows 10 or 7)
  • Click on Screen Shade app
  • Choose which screen you want it on (if on multiple monitors).  You also have the ability to have it over all your screens at the same time (see checkbox)
  • Grab any of the sides and manipulate the screen over your content.  Choose which to have uncovered.
  • Red "X" in the upper right corner will close this shade.


Smart Notebook: Screen Shade Tool
  • Open your SMART Notebook Software (If you use SMART Notebook software) or try SMART Express (below)
  • Click on the screen shade, or open it in your settings
  • This also works when you are using "transparent background" via your SMART Notebook.  When using a transparent background, you can still use the screen shade for using over your desktop, files, and your browser windows.
  • Screen Shade also works when you use Smart Express

Enjoy these awesome Screen Shade Ideas!