Throwback Thursday: Organizing Google Classroom with New Updates--Must Know Monday: Google Classroom Updates

Throwback Thursday: Organizing Google Classroom
In August, we discussed Google Classroom updates since Google Classroom got a whole new make over. Kasey Bell published on her website ways that you can organize the new Google Classroom. It provides great ways to organize like organizing by units, organizing by weeks, organizing by types of assignments, organizing by subject areas, and organizing with a TODAY topic. Check out her post here and see screenshots of these different organized Google Classrooms (Classwork Tab). Below and above pictures are two ways that I organize my Google Classroom.
How do you organize your Classwork tab?

Original post on update-
Must Know Monday- Updated Google Classroom

On August 7th, Brenham ISD employees saw the latest Google Classroom update. Any classes that you already created will not have the Classwork tab. They will only have the Stream and People tab (also your about page will have moved on the old and new Classroom). I encourage you to try the NEW Google Classroom, if you haven’t already. All you have to do is create your classes and the changes will take place.

Where is the About tab?
The About tab is now on the right side of the screen. There is not a tab, but a link to the About page. Read more about it here
Can my announcements have topics?
No, your announcements cannot have topics. Announcements are only in the Stream tab, but you could make an announcement in the Classwork tab as an assignment (just don’t put a due date).
Where do I post my syllabus and class materials now?
You could post your syllabus and class materials in a Google Drive folder and then put the link to that folder under About. See how here. OR, you could put that information you usually put in the About tab under a topic in the Classwork tab (like Materials for class would be the topic and make assignments with no due dates for documents and materials they will need for the class under that topic). See how here.

Here’s how you use the NEW Classroom. There are additional videos and sources at the very bottom of the document. 

1. Click the plus sign and click create a class. Add your subject, class period, and school year.

2. Your new Classroom will have three important tabs: Stream, Classwork, and People.
Stream will be the latest assignments, announcements, or questions that you have posted. This will tell you what is upcoming on the left. Also, this is where you can post announcements (no due dates). Use the plus sign in the bottom right corner to add announcements. 
Classwork will be where you can organize your assignments and questions by bold topics. You can assign assignments and questions here, and you can rearrange the order of the topics.
People will be the tab that shows what teachers are assigned to this class and what students are enrolled in this class. You can invite students to join or give students the access code. As well as you can invite co-teachers to your classroom.

3. There is still an “About” button. Click on the “About” button to see information about the class.

4. If you want to edit the “About” page, then go to the settings button and click on the pencil to edit the “About” section. In this section, you can still add your syllabus by adding a link to the syllabus. Or, you can add a link to a Google Drive folder with class materials.

5. Other settings are listed under General. These settings include displaying your class code larger or copying the code. There are some other options that you can choose how private or open you want the discussion in your classroom. 

6. On the Classwork page, you can create create topics, assignments, and questions. When you click “Create” and click “Topics” then the topics become nice and bold (see picture below- Warm Ups & Cornell Notes are topics). The three dots next to the topic will allow you to move the topics up or down (so you can rearrange the order that the students see the topics). You can also rename, delete, and copy the link under the three dots.

7. Under “Classwork” tab, you can create your assignments, questions, and topics by clicking the “+ Create” button.

8. When you make an assignment, it is just like the old Classroom. You can choose to assign a due date or not assign a due date. You can add a topic (which I highly recommend doing, so it will be organized and grouped). You can still assign something immediately or choose to schedule it.

9. To change the background, you can click theme or upload photo to add a new background image.

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