Tech Tip Thursday: Top 5 Tech Tips To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Heading into this upcoming Thanksgiving break, we wanted to supply you with some great tips to help get you organized over break!  The provided infographic (below) has our Top 5 Tech Tips for you to do!  

Some extra ideas when cleaning up your Google Drive, Thanks to @brantontech, include:
  • Change folder colors
  • Make folders
    • Use “Uncategorized” folder if it doesn’t fit in another category
  • In “Shared with Me” make sure you have added it to YOUR Drive (Add to My Drive)
  • Use advanced search options
  • Use the preview eye to view docs quickly
  • View details for revisions and who it is shared with
  • Shift + Click to select more than one and move more than one file or doc

We hope that everyone will have an AWESOME Thanksgiving break!  We are incredibly thankful for the thousands of viewers that read, share, and continually enjoy our daily blog!  Please, feel free to email us at if you ever have a suggestion, tip, comment, and/or feedback.  The BISDwired Team is comprised of Troy Kuhn, Tom Spall, and Brittni Branton.  

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