Tech Tip Thursday: Social Media Image & Video Sizes 2019

Have you ever wanted the perfect Facebook header or Twitter header size?  Have you ever wondered how people get their family photos to fit in so well on their social media accounts?  Well, wait no longer!  The @BISDwiredTeam uses this Social Media Image Guide every year it comes out.  What's great about this guide is that it gets continually updated every year due to browsers, websites, and more changing the pixel sizes of their pages. 


Reminder:  Are you using Google Drawings to make your posters, graphics, social media headers and/or profile pictures, etc?

As soon as you open a Google Drawing, go to <File>, click, scroll down to <Page Setup>, click, choose from the drop down: <Custom>, and change the unit of measurement to pixels.  Then you can change the size of your page to coordinate with the correct sizes from this infographic.   

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