Thursday Tutorial: (A FULL breakdown of this AMAZING site) 
(A FULL breakdown of this AMAZING site)
+Examples of how to use in education

Every couple of years I discover a NEW favorite tool.  Flippity has, by far, been my favorite digital tool over the last couple years.  If a teacher has a need or an idea for his/her classroom, usually this need can be filled using this fantastic tool. 

So, what exactly is Flippity?

Flippity is an easy to use website that provides teachers with 20+ activities for both teachers and students.  Each activity is provided with a Demo, Instructions, and a Template (which is a Google Sheet).

  • Demo:  Click on demo to see a completed, web page version, of the Flippity activity.  This is how your template will turn out once you complete your edits.
  • Instructions:  Click on instructions to get a step-by-step breakdown of how to create your Flippity activity, edit it, publish to the web, access the web page version, and bookmark.  Also, pay close attention to the instructions in regards to adding photos to some of the activities.
  • Template:  Each Flippity activity comes with a pre-made template.  Click on template, and it will automatically save to your Google Drive as a Google Sheet.  Edit away!  

Reminder:  Rename and save your Google Sheet Template in a Google Drive folder called "Flippity Template Activities".  Also, when you go to the finished "website" version of the activity, bookmark it for easy access later on.  I created a Flippity bookmark folder to save all my Flippity bookmarks.  

Here are the ACTIVITIES:

1.)  Flashcards

Where it all began.  Many years ago when Flippity began, most of us remember it being just one single activity, and now it's grown into 20+ activities!  This flashcards activity is great for making front and back digital flashcards that students can flip through.  You can also color code the flashcards to make "decks" of flashcards based on your content and/or units.  You have the option to flip through each card, stay on one card, restart, and more.  
Up at the top, you also have 6 tabs that will allow you to do more with this flashcards.  You can look at the list of words, practice with fill in the bland, play a matching activity, create a word cloud, and much more.

2.)  Quiz Show

This is my favorite "Jeopardy" comparable type of activity.  I've found many Jeopardy type games and activities in the past, including a Smart Notebook version, web based versions, and other downloadable versions from Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.  However, this is the BEST version out there.  Easy to edit with the template, and fun to play for the students.  Keep track of both positive and negative points, put your students on up to 4 teams, and have a blast with this quiz show activity.  

3.)  Random Name Picker

There aren't enough good things I can say about the Random Name Picker!!!  This activity is my "Go-To" activity when I want to show off to my teachers.  Excellent activity for classroom management.  Choose from multiple ways to group your students, including, in a line, spin circle, groups of 2, 3, 4, & 5, teams of 2, 3, 4, and 5, seating chart and bracket maker.  
Note:  Need to add students throughout the year?  No worries!  Just go back into your Google Drive, find the saved Google Sheet for this particular activity, edit, and your done.  No need to republish, it's already a live document.  This is the process for all the other activities too.  You only have to publish one time.  

4.)  Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is one of the newest activities created by Flippity.  This scavenger hunt acts as a "digital breakout room".  You ask the questions, provide clues (if you want), and the students fill out with answers.  Answers have to be one word answers, connected words, or numbers.  Once all the answers have been provided, and all the locks are now unlocked, each team will be given a time to show how long it took each team to "breakout".  Keep track of these team scores and let your students take part in some friendly school competition.
EXPLORE:  Go further with this activity!  Hide clues around your room, and use the scavenger hunt as a digital breakout room.  Have students running around the school exploring and having fun. 

5.)  Fun with Words

This is a fun activity!  You can turn your student's names, vocabulary words, and more into neat looking text shapes, boxes, and more.  Great for name cards, practicing vocabulary/spelling words, etc.  

6.)  Timeline

This is another new activity!  Flippity timeline allows you to create digital timelines of events, historical dates, and more.  Just add your content and viola!  You can also expand and/or condense your dates for easier review.  Another aspect of the timeline that I like is the fact that you can add video and pictures to your activity.  Check out a recent blog post all about this activity.

7.)  Badge Tracker

Do you conduct PD in your district?  Then, this is the activity for you!  Great digital badge tracking for your teachers and/or students in your classroom.  Create your own digital badges that can be tied to a link or doc.  Gamify your classroom instruction and/or your district PD initiative.    

8.)  Typing Test

The typing test activity is a GREAT way to combine reading a passage and/or article and teaching your students to type.  Enter whatever text you want for your students, then, have them practice their typing skills as they type out the content you chose to provide.  Works great for reading passages and also a list of vocabulary words.

9.)  Spelling Words

This activity will allow you to make a digital spelling test, review, and practice for your students.  Simply just type in your spelling, sight, and/or vocabulary words to allow your students to take a digital spelling test.  Since it's tied to a Google Sheet, spellcheck won't pop up and help your students during the activity. 

10.)  Word Search

The word search is just as easy to set-up with your spelling, site, and/or vocabulary words as the spelling test and crossword puzzle activities.  Simply enter your words and allow the computer to create your word search.  This activity is to be printed off.  Or, take a screenshot of your activity, and upload to Smart Notebook or any online digital whiteboard to find your words digitally.  Provide your word list, and also decide which ways you can find the words (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards).  Read a recent blog post about this.  

11.)  Crossword Puzzle

The Crossword search is just as easy to set-up with your spelling, site, and/or vocabulary words as the spelling test and word puzzle activities.  Simply enter your words and allow the computer to create your crossword search.  This activity is to be printed off.  Or, take a screenshot of your activity, and upload to Smart Notebook or any online digital whiteboard to fill out your crossword digitally.  Provide your clue list and words to simply create your crossword search.

12.)  Word Scramble

This Word Scramble is the NEWEST Flippity activity and just as easy to set-up with your spelling, site, and/or vocabulary words as the spelling test, crossword puzzle, and word puzzle activities.  Simply enter your words and allow the computer to create your mix up your word list into this word scramble activity.  This activity is to be printed off.  Or, take a screenshot of your activity, and upload to Smart Notebook or any online digital whiteboard to fill out your word scramble digitally.

13.)  Bingo

Easily create either a printable and/or hard copy of your bingo cards.  You put in the content, and Flippity scrambles up all the cards for you!  Just tell Flippity how many cards you'll need for your classroom.  If done digitally, you click on the card to add your red place-marker over the square.  Need a new card or want to change yours out?  You can easily do that with the digital copy of this activity!  Even better for your classroom if you have touchscreen devices!  Here's a great blog post from Brittni Knebel about this activity.  

14.)  Hangman

Just like the word search, crossword puzzle, and word scramble activity... just add your spelling, vocabulary, and/or site words to easily create a digital hangman game for your students.  I love that it tells you what letters you have already selected, and it allows you multiple options.  Also, I didn't know this until my buddy, Merida Elizondo, told me.... you can actually change up the hangman for something more school/kid appropriate, like:

Classic Hangman allows six guesses.
Snowman allows six guesses.
Flower Power allows seven guesses.
Bomb Squad allows eight guesses.
Apple Picking allows nine guesses.

15.)  Progress Indicator

Want an activity that keeps track of books read by each student in class?  Or, how many class incentive points each students has?  If this is the case, then this activity is for you!  This is a great progress indicator tracker for you and your students.  

16.)  Memory Game

Easily turn your vocabulary, site words, and/or spelling list into a fun memory game.  Match up either words or pictures (see instructions for this activity, or some of the other Flippity activities if you want to add photos to your specific activity).  Read a recent blog post about this.

17.)  MadLibs

OH MY GOSH!  I loved filling out the old-school madlib books when I was younger!  Now, easily do this digitally with Flippity's Madlibs activity!  Use brackets to designate where you want a [noun], [adjective], [verb], etc, in your story that you create.  Have fun filling this out together as a class.

18.)  Mix & Match

Great at mixing up the sentences you create... but, for the life of me... I have NO idea how to actually get this activity to play or work.  I guess you could shuffle up your sentences, print off the grid, and rearrange your sentence in the order they should go.  Comment below if you can get this to work.  Or, send us an email at if you figure this one out. :) 

19.)  Tournament Bracket

Another one of my FAVORITE activities!  Go check this one out NOW!  Especially great due to March Madness coming up soon!!  Easily create a tournament bracket for your students, topics, voting, etc.  So many brackets around this time of year are too hard to download, are filled with adds, you have to pay for them, etc.  Enjoy this FREE bracket maker from!  Also, read a recent blog post about this tool.

20.)  Certificate Quiz

Until very recently, I had never used the certificate quiz.  What's great about this activity, is that it's sort-of like a Google form.  Easy to edit, add questions/answers, and send out digitally to your students.   Once completed, students can print off a custom made certificate of achievement.  

21.)  Skip the Spreadsheet

Flippity made it even EASIER than before to quickly hop into one of their activities.  Now, instead of copying a template and saving it to your Google Drive for later use and/or editing, you can skip the spreadsheet and hop into any of the 8 activities that allow one text box and nothing else.  In a hurry?  No time to create a full Flippity sheet?  No worries, hop straight into your activity via Skip the Spreadsheet.  Read a recent blog post about this HERE.

22.)  Get the Add-On!

I love that you can start this creation process straight from within Google Sheets via an Add-on.  Read all about this, HERE.


Want to go even further with Flippity?  Check out how to app smash both Flipgrid and Flippity together.  HERE

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