WOW Wednesday: Wait... What's a Chrome Account?

Wait... What's a Chrome Account?
PC, Laptop, Desktop, ETC.... Not Chromebook (see further down for Chromebook Chrome account info)

Did you know that within the Chrome browser, you can simply switch between multiple accounts?  Whether you have a Chrome account for school, work, or personal use, you can access all your accounts from one browser window.

So? What's a Chrome account?  

A Chrome account is specific to the Chrome browser.  
If you have ever made a Google account for Gmail, or Google Drive, you have access to your Chrome account.  
Once you open up the Google Chrome browser, you will sign into your browser window using your Google Chrome account credentials.  If you have only ever used Gmail via your phone or other browsers like Firefox, Edge, or Safari, your email and password for Gmail are what you'll use to sign into your Chrome account via the Chrome browser.

Why should I sign into my Chrome account?

Signing into your Chrome account is important when using the Google Chrome browser because everything will be saved and stored on your account.

  • All of your search history and passwords will be saved to your account.
  • Save your bookmarks to your Chrome account for quick and easy access.
  • Your Google Chrome extensions will be saved to your Chrome account to help you navigate Google Chrome
  • Take your Google Chrome account ANYWHERE with you!  Log into your phone, and/or onto another computer utilizing your Chrome account to have access to all your history, passwords, bookmarks, extensions, etc.

What happens if I never sign into my Chrome account?

Please, don't think that you're the only one.  This happens to many folks including many of the teachers we work with on a daily basis.  Every 5 years, or so, our teachers switch to a new computer for classroom instruction.  When they get onto their new computers for the first time, and we have them sign into their Google Chrome accounts, they are sometimes surprised to not have any saved history, passwords, bookmarks, extensions, etc.


They never signed into their actual Chrome account on their old devices.  Meaning, nothing was ever saved.  Now yes, it might have saved to that specific browser on that one computer, but all that information was never saving to their Chrome account.  So be sure to ALWAYS sign in.

How can I tell that I'm signed in?

Once you open up your Chrome Browser and are prompted to sign into your Chrome Account, it's very easy to tell if you are currently signed in or not.
Go to the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser.
You should see your profile picture or icon.  Click on this and you'll see a drop-down menu with the current Chrome account you are signed into / syncing to.  Below this you will see all your other Chrome accounts.

Need to add a Chrome account?

Click on "Manage people" and add your other chrome accounts (such as a personal account, school account, collegiate account, etc.)

I need to switch to another Chrome account!

Go back to your Chrome account menu by clicking on your profile picture or icon in the upper-right hand corner.  Scroll down to another Chrome account, and click on this account.  

Whoa!  What just happened?

Yes, don't freak out, all that happened when you clicked on your other chrome account was a NEW WINDOW has opened with your other Chrome account now signed in.  All you bookmarks, history, signed-in accounts, passwords, extensions, and more are now syncing to this open Chrome account.
Don't Worry!
Your other Chrome account window is also still opened.  Look down at your task bar... both Chrome browser windows are still opened.
Are you done with this account?  Just click on the X in the upper right hand corner of this Chrome browser window and exit.

Whatever Chrome account browser window you close out of last will be the first to open next time you open up a Chrome browser window again.


  • Currently I have open my work Chrome account.  I can access all my bookmarks, extensions, history, etc.
  • Ooops, I forgot that I need to send an email from my personal account and check my personal Twitter account.  
  • No worries, from my work Chrome account, I will click on my profile picture or icon in the upper right-hand corner of my browser window, scroll down to my personal Chrome account, click on it, and open my personal Chrome account browser window.  
  • From here I can access all my personal bookmarks, signed-in accounts, check my personal twitter, gmail, google drive, and utilize my personal extensions.  
  • When I'm finished, I can close this whole personal Chrome account window.
  • My work Chrome account window is still open, so I can continue working in my work account.
Switching between accounts this way will help you stay organized, and keep all your accounts separate without having to log in or out of your accounts like drive, gmail, or any other websites that need account credentials.  

I hope this helps!

Quick, Final Tip:

Needing to sign into your chrome account on a public computer?  Open up an INCOGNITO window under your Chrome Settings (3 vertical dots, upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser window).  This will allow you to log into any accounts and or sites without having any of your accounts, passwords, or history saved.  Great for quickly checking your email.