Fab Find Friday: SpeakIt! Extension

Fab Find Friday: Speak It! Extension

Lately, I have been using and showing Speak It to a lot of students. This awesome extension will read text aloud to students. Students can adjust the rate, pitch, volume, language, and gender. 
How do you add it, and how does it work?
1. Go to Chrome Web Store.
2. Search for Speak It and add the extension.
3. Then go to a webpage with text (must be in Chrome).
4. Highlight any of the text you want read, and then right-click the text.
5. Choose the option of Speak It once you have right-clicked on the text.
6. It will then read the text to you that you highlighted.
*You can change languages (like English to Spanish) and to read slower or faster.

*This is a great tool for your ELs, too!