Motivation Monday: Stay On Task With @Timeular

Motivation Monday:  
Stay On Task With Timeular

Timeular helps you track, understand and improve how you work.  Timeular is both a physical Tracker that you can manipulate to track a certain task you are currently working on, and a software tracking program.  The Timeular Tracker smoothly integrates into your workflow and tracks your time with a simple flip.  

No, I have yet to buy myself a Timeular Tracker, but I want to get one before next school year.  I've used many different time trackers in the past to keep track of certain tasks and duties (Tracker software, Google Form, ETC), but this one seems like the easiest and most integrated of them all.  All the trackers I've used in the past haven't ever been something physical that I could manipulate.  Timeular has both the physical tracker and a complete software program to help you keep track of your work.  

Want to increase productivity, manage your time on tasks, and more?  Timeular has 3 main pricing points, HERE

A place for Timeular in EDU?

Timeular would be a great device to utilize in education.  Keep track of how much time you work on lesson plans, conduct direct teaching, spend in small groups, conduct assessments, reply to emails, etc.  Integrates with Google Calendar and many other apps.  Do you need to track time spent working with students on interventions?  Pull-outs?  Accommodations?  Are you a district specialist, interventionist, or coach?  Timeular would greatly help you track your time, keep you on schedule, and improve your productivity, all with a quick flip of this device.

Enjoy!!!  I'll write more of a detailed review when I hopefully purchase mine over the summer.

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