Motivational Monday: How Many More Days?

Motivational Monday: How Many More Days?

It is the time of year when testing is approaching, spring is in the air, or a cold front just came through. The point is everyone is getting a bit more antsy for summer time. 

You are probably thinking how many more days until summer break (we all are wondering the same). Nothing wrong with thinking about that, but let's put a positive spin on it. What if we think about how many more days left to impact this student in your class?

Currently, (in Brenham ISD), we have 36 more days with our students to impact their lives. That is not counting today.

36 chances to say hi to a student not in your class.
36 chances to talk to a student you haven't talked to in a while to check on them.
36 chances to make sure they are ready for their next step (real world or next grade level).
36 chances to inspire them to be all they can be in life.
36 chances to make things right with a student that you got on the wrong foot with earlier this semester.
36 chances to impact your students!

School Holidays (These dates were excluded.):
April 12th- planning day for staff- student holiday
April 19th- staff and student holiday
May 3rd & May 24th- half day for students