Tech Tip Tuesday: Taking your URL to the Next Level

Taking Your URL to the Next Level

This post is basically a follow-up from Troy Kuhn's awesome post from last year.  Troy talked about the amazing Google Shortener Chrome Extension that went away and became an obsolete tool.  So, in his post he gave examples of two other URL shortener options:

  •  - which lets you customize the name of your shortened link. even has a page to help you transition over from here

  • TinyURL - also lets you customize has been around for over 15 years so less likely to disappear anytime soon

So, to add on to Troy's recent post, I would like to introduce you to two other options for a URL shortener that I feel could benefit you in the classroom.  They are Yellkey and Thinfi.

These two URL shorteners work a little different than most.  Here is how they are different and unique:

  • Thinfi- is an AWESOME URL shortener because it allows you to password protect your URL.  Great for websites where you only want to allow certain people access to your link.  (videos, documents, etc.)

  • Yellkey- allows you to customize a link and have it accessible for a time frame.  Only want a link to a quiz open for a couple of hours, use Yellkey.  After a couple of hours, you can have the link automatically switch off and not allow further use.  Check out a previous blog post highlighting the awesomeness of Yellkey: