Future Fun Friday: NEW @Gimkit LTM's Coming Next Week! Who Else LOVED Thanos Mode?

NEW @Gimkit LTM's 
Coming Next Week!

Wow!  Great news coming into our email inboxes this morning, straight from Gimkit!  Read below for all the exciting and updated limited time modes (LTMs) coming up next week:

It's been the greatest joy and honor of each of our lives to build Gimkit with you and your students. Thank you for trusting Gimkit in your classrooms and all of your feedback, support, and patience.

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is and you tackle it head-on with grace, unbelievable selflessness, and unwavering resolve.

You deserve so much more than one week of appreciation, which is why our goal with Gimkit is to create tools that make your job easier and as impactful as possible year-round.

Your amazing responses to Thanos Mode increased our determination to deliver memorable classroom experiences as often as possible. Next week, we'll be featuring three new limited time game modes for you and your students!

Here's the schedule for when you can play the new game modes:
  • Monday & Tuesday: Drained Mode
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Hidden Mode
  • Friday: Super Rich Mode
In Drained Mode, students` balance will constantly be depleting. The balance drain amount will increase exponentially over time, so stay on top of purchasing upgrades!
In Hidden Mode, not much is known until the end of the game! The leaderboard doesn't display names or balance amounts. Students won't be able to see their balance on their devices either! They will have to use other strategies to figure out what's going on and where they stand. All is revealed when the game ends!
In Super Rich Mode, students earn 500x more money than traditional Classic Mode, but upgrades are more expensive too! This is the chance for your students to reach the trillions!
On top of that, we're introducing Teacher Challenges!

Throughout the week, play the new game modes with your students to complete the Teacher Appreciation Challenges. Play all 3 game modes, and you'll get $10 of account credit. These challenges are available to all Gimkit users (paid and free).

We're here for you regardless of what week it is. In addition to the things we're doing next week to celebrate the incredible work you do, let us know if there is ever anything at all we can ever do to make your life better.

With love, respect, and more admiration than we can express,
Josh & Jeff
Josh from Gimkit
4156 187th Ave SEIssaquahWA 98027