Tech Tip Tuesday: Adobe Scan App

Tech Tip Tuesday: Adobe Scan App
One of our high school teachers, Mr. Barber, was super excited to discover this app. When he showed me the app, he explained how he could take a picture of any document and it would automatically make it into a pdf document. 

This would be helpful when you are trying to organize documents or worksheets you get from others. You can upload the pdf into your Google Drive. Yes, Mrs. Dismukes, I am talking about you. Mrs. Dismukes is known for scanning in every document in her classroom and putting it nice and neatly in her Google Drive. Now, you do not have to have your scanner anymore.

Scanning in documents is nice, too, because then you will always have a copy (never lose the paper copy). This app is available on Apple and Android devices. Sometimes, we don't always carry our scanner around in our back pocket. Well, thanks to Mr. Barber telling us, we now can scan wherever we go.

Think of how many documents you have to scan in. 
*Driver's License
*Parent permission slips
*Doctor information
*Insurance information
*Loan information
*Instructional Strategies from a professional development conference
*Thank you letters from students

How would I use it? 
Any time I want to save a piece of paper, then I would use my app to scan it in. Then I would save a copy to my Google Drive, so I would never lose it.