Tech Tip Thursday: @Chrome / @YouTube Picture-in-Picture!

Picture in Picture 
via @Google Chrome and @YouTube

Ever since the updated Chrome 70 build, you are now able to have a new video mode called, picture-in-picture.  This new mode will allow you to to overlay an online video onto your desktop (which is awesome if you are viewing a PDF or using SMART Notebook), across multiple Google Chrome accounts, and while your flipping through your tabs.  

You can go check it out right now!  Go to YouTube, and find a video you'd like to watch.  Right-click on any video twice and click "Picture in Picture" from the context menu.  When this new mode is enabled, you will see an icon on the tab that indicates the video is now being played in the "picture in picture" mode.  The video overlay can be moved anywhere on the screen when you drag and drop.  Currently, YouTube supports this functionality, however, it's up to the developers to decide when to add it to their websites (Facebook, Twitter, and other locations where you have videos).  

This new function is great for having you or your students watch video tutorials while also working on the project, website, and/or application.  For example:  The other day I was trying to figure out how to create a table of contents within a Google Doc, so, I looked up a great tutorial on YouTube, enabled "picture in picture" and was able to work along with the video tutorial while working directly on my Google Document.  #MindBlown

This is also GREAT for anyone not able to have two monitors while working.  Now you can watch the video and work at the same time!

So, for review:

Find a YouTube video, right-click two times.  The first right-click brings up the YouTube video settings (which are actually VERY useful.... including the copy video URL at current time, and some sweet stats for nerds)

On the second right-click you get the Chrome Settings for the YouTube video

And Presto!!!!  You now have your very own "picture in picture" mode enabled!  Enjoy!!!

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