Tech Tip Tuesday: ClassroomQ with Mr. Kenjura

Tech Tip Tuesday: ClassroomQ with Mr. Kenjura

ClassroomQ is a great way for students to ask questions without feeling embarrassed about asking a question.

Mr. Kenjura uses ClassroomQ to know which student asked the question first, second, next, and last. He goes to the student in the order that the question is received. The students can digitally let Mr. Kenjura know when they have a question with a digital raising of their hand. Or, they can actually type what their question is for Mr. Kenjura.

The students type in the URL and the code to join Mr. Kenjura's session. Throughout the class, the students can hit the button that says assistance needed. On Mr. Kenjura's computer, he can see which student has a question.

This helps with getting to each student in a timely manner and getting to privately conference with a student one on one. Mr. Kenjura also said it helped with students that want to ask thirty questions without taking time to solve it on their own, so he can tell a student that the limit for the period is five questions or so, depending on the assignment.