Tech Tip Tuesday: Timers with Small Group Instruction

Tech Tip Tuesday: Timers with Small Group Instruction

As we move our instruction into small groups, we have to be conscious of the time. We have to keep each group moving. Who has time to keep track of that? That is where technology comes into play. We have talked about timers before, but now is a good time to revisit all the FREE online timers out there.

*Has creative timers (egg, dynamite, space, HOLIDAY timers, and more)

*Add timers in addition to text boxes, clock, random picker, and more.

*Choose color
*See the time elapsed in color

*Clear to see
*Easy to use
*Click on numbers to pause and resume

#5- Embed a YouTube Timer on Your Google Slides
*YouTube has tons of timers
*Visually appeasing
*Variety of timers (colors, time, etc.)

5 minute timer examples:

How do you add a YouTube timer into your Slides? 
1. Go to the slide you want to add a timer.
2. Click Insert- Video
3. Search for a timer (one minute timer)
3. Click on the one you want to insert.
4. Insert into slide and move to where you want it.
5. Go to present to see the timer in action.