Throwback Thursday: Go Back to Tool- PADLET

Throwback Thursday: Go Back to Tool- PADLET

Padlet is one of my favorite "go back to" tools that I use a lot. There are so many ways to use Padlet like letting students pick topics, letting teachers suggest ideas, letting students look and comment on papers or problems, letting students use it as a backchannel, letting students use it as a way to preview other students' work and make comments, and tons of more ways. 

Two new features I noticed that I haven't used were--
1) Searching for audio now brings up Spotify music.
2) Your layout can be a map where students pin locations and can add text, pictures, and more.

Want more?
A while back, I did this post on Padlet-
Must Know Monday: Padlet, Did What?

I wrote a post on Thursday about all of Padlet’s updates, and then I get this awesome email of 7 new ways to post on Padlet. Then over the weekend, we saw that lots of others were talking about these updates. 

If you click the three dots (highlighted in yellow) on a post, you will see all of these new options:

Let’s take a look at what Padlet can do now.


*Have students draw their response. Students can draw parts of a cell or write out the steps of an equation.


*Students can summarize a story or an era in history. Or, students can explain in words how they solved their math problem.


*Students can explain a take away from the lesson, students can describe a graph or students can explain why they believe a character in the story is a believable character or not.


*Students can snap something they are reading or someplace they have visited. Then they can write about the snap.


*Students can add videos, GIFs, websites, and images to their Padlet post.


*Students can pick a country or city, and they can find a road, satellite, terrain, or hybrid map of the place. 

Padlet within a Padlet

*Students can link in other Padlets they have created or found. Then you can click on that Padlet to access the linked Padlet.