Tech Tip Tuesday: #eCubSafe Tip of the Week

Tech Tip Tuesday: #eCubSafe Tip of the Week
Topic: When to NOT Share

Our #eCubSafe topic this week is SHARING digitally. The question we need to ask ourselves and our students is when should we share online and when should we not share online

Questions to ponder with your students--
Should you share when you go on vacation?
Should you share when you check into a restaurant or place?
Should you share your birthday pictures?
Should you share how you feel about someone?

Sometimes, we have to think twice about when we share. For example, when you check into vacation overseas, now everyone knows that your house is empty. You are probably thinking- I trust all my friends. However, what if your friend left their Facebook or Instagram page open on a public computer? Now some stranger knows you are out of town. Instead maybe post your pictures of your vacation after you have returned from your trip. 

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It is great to share good news with others on social media, but you should follow these tips:
  • Try to avoid giving your location
  • Check the settings in your social media apps, and make sure you do not have your location sharing on
  • When you share, think about, would your grandmother approve of what you are sharing?

A great resource on sharing from Google is here. Also, your students can play the fun game that teaches digital safety here.