Monday Motivation: Veteran's Day

Monday Motivation: Veteran's Day

After reading an article called, "Life as a Veteran: What Veterans Wish Civilians Understood" by Iris Gonzalez, it is easy to understand that a lot of people may not know what it is like to serve. Actually Gonzalez states that "almost 93%" of America's population has not served and may not understand the military experience. It may be hard for us or students to truly understand what it is like, but educating ourselves and our students is the best place to start.

A good discussion question to ask your students is what do you think motivates a solider to leave behind his family and safety to protect others and our freedom? Then maybe going into what is it like to serve?
Lastly, another question to ponder is what do you think it is like when a solider returns home? 

Also, I included a VR 360 link to share with your students. This is told through a veteran's point of view.

This VR 360 link shows the shores of Dunkirk fighting to survive.

**You do not need VR glasses to show. Make the video full screen and feel free to scroll around on the screen to see all angles.