Web Tool Wednesday: Speechtexter (Talk to Text for Students!)

Speechtexter (Talk to Text for Students!)

I'll preface this blog post by saying, "Yes, I know Google Docs has a talk to text feature (Voice Typing) embedded within it's tool bar under 'tools'."  As a Google For EDU district, we love using this feature with our students that have difficulty with typing, talking, or formulating complete sentences.  We also use this feature to save time, create papers, and get our ideas out quickly.  

However, where this feature becomes an issue, is in our lower grades (PreK - 1st) where we are using kiosk mode on our Chromebooks and not having the students sign into their accounts.  Teachers have been asking for, and looking into various other ways to have the ability in allowing their students to use some type of talk-to-text feature.  Well, wait no longer, check out Speechtexter.  

This simple-to-use website is a great text to speech program that allows students the ability to create a document without having to physically type anything (although, you can if you want).  Since it's a simple website, I can easily add it to our joint Symbaloo pages for our youngest BISD students to use.  Save as a doc and/or text file, or print straight from this program.  7 fonts and 6 text sizes are included in this tool.  Speechtexter also has a full editing toolbar, and a word count at the bottom of the text box.