Wow Wednesday: Almost To The Holiday Break!

Wow Wednesday: Almost to the Holiday Break!
We are almost to the break! We have one and half more days left of the week. Are you thinking about what you are doing this holiday break? Last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, sleeping late, spending time with your family and friends, or nothing at all?

You deserve it!
*Unplug from your devices
*Sleep in
*Read a book
*Take your kids or someone else's kids to the park or to see Christmas lights
*Do something for someone else

Personal Story
          Last year's Thanksgiving break, we (a group of adults) took a group of students (from our church) to visit shut-ins and members of the nursing homes. We made bags of treats, delivered the treats, and visited with the elderly. Then we finished with lunch, and the parents picked their children up from our meeting spot. 
          This Thanksgiving, it was crazy busy (horrible excuse), and I did not gather the students to visit the elderly. Last weekend, one of those students who went last year, asked me if we were going to do that again and why we did not do it this year. I was shocked. I said you enjoyed it and you want to do it again? He said yes it was fun, and we should do it again. 
          That was my "ahhh" moment, and the moment when the student taught me again- it does not matter how busy I am, let's make time for what is really important. It is more rewarding than any Christmas present I will ever give or receive. The younger students and the elderly both get an awesome experience (plus this adult has an awesome experience, as well). In case you were wondering, yes, we will be visiting the elderly and shut-in the Christmas break, and that student was excited!

*I am not sure what you have in mind for your break, but my advice is make it the most meaningful break in whatever you do. I have found that it makes going back to school after the break way more easier. Plus, you feel re-charged!