Must Know Monday: Geek Week at Your Campus This Week!

Must Know Monday: Geek Week at Your Campus!

Geek Week is this week on your campus! Check your email, and see where your location and times are for the week.

Cannot remember what Geek Week is about?
It is a professional development credit in the area of technology. However, it is more than just technology. Yes, it may be a cool new app, website, or tool, but we try to aim for-- a technology tip or trick to implement into your curriculum. We want the technology to not be something extra to add in. We want it to go seamingly into your lesson plans, we want it to help with your teaching, we want it to engage the students, and most importantly we want it to benefit/help your students!

When and Where?
Geek Week is taught at ECLC, AES, BES, KES, BMS, BJH, BHS, BAS, and CO. Find the time and date that best suits you. Look for dates and locations in Eduphoria HERE.

How does Geeek Week work? It is led by the three instructional technology specialists in our district- Tom Spall, Troy Kuhn, and Brittni Knebel. We each do it a little different based on our audience and their wants. For example, Tom conducts his Geek Weeks during conference periods at the elementary level. While, Troy and I conduct our Geek Weeks during the lunches at the secondary level. It differs a little by campus and for CO, BAS, and ECLC. We each do the same topic for our teachers, but may adapt it for that subject or grade level. You do not have to bring a laptop, but just come pop in. Feel free to snack or eat your lunch! Listen and pick up hopefully one new instructional technology strategy to try in your classroom. 

*Treats (could be candy or homemade treats or school supplies)
*Learn something new
*Collaborate with your colleagues
*Campus and district shout-outs
*Sonic drinks for attending all three
*Other incentives
*If you implement in your classroom the new tech strategy, then you can earn tech points to purchase tech and non-tech items for your classroom!

Haven't attended a Geek Week all year? That is okay, make this new year, your year to attend!