Tech Tip Thursday: New Activity from Flippity!

Tech Tip Thursday: 
New Activity from Flippity!

We get so excited on our @BISDwiredTeam whenever a new Flippity activity is released!  This new activity is AWESOME!  You can now easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a set of click-and-drag objects.  Both a demo and a template are supplied for you right on the website!  

Instructions (like all the other activities) have not been added to this activity as of writing this blog post.  However, all of the instructions are the same for editing, changing, and publishing your Google sheet into an online activity. 

What's great about this activity is that you can change the background.  It already comes pre-loaded with some charts, maps, and a Venn diagram.  Even better, just like some of the other Flippity activities, you can add your own image link to the Google Sheet to add in your own background.  Enjoy!