Tech Tip Thursday: Using Blogger in the Classroom

Tech Tip Thursday: Using Blogger in the Classroom

In a conversation, after school, the other day, two teachers were discussing ideas on what to do with a reading they were doing. One teacher, Mrs. Ross, said, I used a blog last year. Then she asked me which one it was, and I said that it was Blogger. The other teacher, Mrs. Ruiz, got excited and decided to try it out. 

Mrs. Ruiz was having her students read certain chapters of a novel pertaining to her objective/theme they were studying. After each chapter, she had reflection questions. The answers were typed into paragraphs in Blogger. After they are finished, they will be reading and commenting on each other's blog through Padlet. 

Here is what it looked like in her classroom-

When asked why Mrs. Ruiz chose for her students to blog for this assignment, here is her response-
"I wanted my students to be exposed to the 21st century technology and collaboration skills they would need to be successful post-secondary, whether that be higher education or career. In college, students are expected to post analytical thoughts and reading reflections on a virtual discussion board. They then must engage in peer collaboration, expanding their perspectives. This activity gives students the ability to express their feelings while reading a novel, reflect and engage with the text, and reflect on peer responses. This activity leant itself to higher order discussions concerning larger overarching concepts."
-Mrs. Ruiz

**Reminder, students under 18 need parent approval to use Blogger. 


  1. Way to go Ms. Ruiz, I would definitely say that you are what I would call Tech-Savvy. Keeping it real for your students.


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