Tech Tip Thursday: ZipGrade

Tech Tip Thursday: ZipGrade


ZipGrade is an alternative to scanning in bubble sheets in the scanning machine. Our social studies department uses the paid version of ZipGrade. I use the free version for some of the tests that I give. 

How does it work?
1. Print out free scantrons here-
2. Students fill out scantrons with their name and any other information you want (they do not have to fill in their Zip Id). 
3. Download the ZipGrade app on an Android or Apple device. 
4. Sign in or sign up with a new account.
5. Click new quiz.
6. Title it, select "answer sheet" (number of questions), and create quiz.
7. Click "edit key" where you type in key manually or scan in an answer sheet you have bubbled in already. 
8. Scan papers when ready- line up four dots with app.
9. Review papers and check out the item analysis to see the summary of the quiz. 

*It scans in the quizzes or test quickly, and the analysis it gives is quick and fast. 

Overall Statistics-

Individual Item Analysis on Each Question-

It can even show what each student individually chose on each question.