Web Tip Wednesday: Protect Your CHROME Account! Security Checkup How-To!

Security Check-Up 
on Your Chrome Account

Consistency is key with keeping your Google Chrome account updated and safe.  Last year I became much more consistent with keeping up with my Google Chrome account.  I even created Google Calendar reminders that pop-up monthly to remind me of the purposeful upkeep I'm suppose to be conducting.  

Some of these "Chrome Checks" that I do, include:

  • Making sure my Chrome account is up-to-date and on its current build.  I do this by going through my Chrome settings.  Here is the direct link: chrome://settings/help
  • Next, I clean out my browsing data.  Here: chrome://history/  .  Now, I don't clear out all of my clear browsing data.  When I click on "clear browsing data", I chick on these options:
    • Advanced tab at the top of this menu
    • Time range: All Time
    • I only choose the top 4 boxes out of the 9.  Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site Data, and Cached Images and Files.  
    • Then I click on "Clear Data".
    • All my passwords and other sign-in data will be saved and not deleted.  This method of only choosing the top 4 boxes and not the bottom 5 has ALWAYS worked for me.  
    • Clearing out your Cookies and Cached Images/Files is very important if certain websites stop working the way they are suppose to.

  • Next, I double check all my Chrome Extensions: chrome://extensions/  .  To do this:  Go to your Chrome Settings > More Tools > Extensions.  Go through all your Chrome Extensions and remove any malicious extensions.  Some websites/downloads can add malicious extensions to your account.  This is where you go to remove them.  (Some you can't remove.  This is because they are managed by your organization)  

  •  Finally, I so a quick "clean up" of my computer by going to system settings in my Chrome Browser: Chrome://settings/system .  Under Reset and clean up, choose: Clean up computer.  This will help find harmful software on your computer and remove it.  

Now that you have done the above tasks, you are ready to complete the final step in securing your account!  

At this link, you can now go through a check list to double check your account.  You can edit your Chrome photo, transfer your content, review your privacy settings, keep your account protected, and make Google yours by personalizing your Google experience.  Also, you can check your account storage that is shared across Google services, like Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

To SECURE your account, click on:
"We keep your account protected" > Get Started.

  From this point you can check the devices you are currently signed into.  Review your recent security events.  Sign-in and recovery methods that you can verify.  Finally, you can check all the apps with access to your data via Third-party access controls.