Must Know Monday: #TCEA2020 is THIS Week! Follow the @BISDwiredTeam for updates! #tcea20 #tcea

BISDwired Team (@BISDWiredTeam)
Tom Spall (@tommyspall), Brittni Knebel (@brittnitech), Troy Kuhn (@tskuhn)

We're Going to TCEA!

The BISDwired Team is heading back to TCEA and we are ready to provide you with tons of instructional strategies, tech tools, and #Edtech tips that we learn along the way!  Our team blogs daily about educational topics, such as, procedures, expectations, policies, web tools, instructional strategies, content/curriculum examples, updates, etc.

We'll be tweeting out all the great things we learn from TCEA this week!  So, stay tuned to any of our social media accounts!

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Now, It's Your Turn!

Feel free to fill out this form and submit an educational idea, web tool, app, #edtech topic, etc... that you would like to see posted to our blog this upcoming month.  Learn something AMAZING from TCEA??  Let us know!  We'll shout you out and give you credit for providing us the idea.

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We are looking forward to seeing you at TCEA in Austin, TX!  Come find us this week!

We are conducting a poster session on Thursday from 9 - 11 am.  Come visit with us!