Confetti Cannon: A Chrome Extension Needed for ANY Celebration!

Confetti Cannon: 
A Chrome Extension Needed for ANY Celebration

Sometimes, short, quick, and easy is all you need in regards to an instructional strategy.  Well, you're in luck!  Check out this chrome extension: Confetti Cannon.  Confetti Cannon, when the chrome extension is activated, will instantly explode confetti all over your screen.  No worries, unlike the actual confetti that is found 6 months after a party, this confetti floats and then disappears within seconds.

So, how do you get this awesome celebratory tool?  Head on over to the Chrome Web Store and look up the Confetti Cannon extension, or click HERE.  Once added to your Chrome Extension bar, click on it while on a web page, and POP, confetti will fall.

Use this to celebrate student accomplishments, cheer on remote learners, cheer an idea while sharing your screen, and so much more! 🎉

I was told about this amazing, and simple Chrome Extension, from my buddy, Meredith Akers (@meredithakers).  We recently gave it a shout-out during one of our @FreshThoughtEDU videos, HERE:

Enjoy this fun Chrome Extension!  And congratulations teachers, you have almost made it to Thanksgiving BREAK! 

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