Teaching Tip Tuesday: EdCamp Grow Notes & Follow-Up

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Recapping the AWESOMENESS of EdCamp Grow 2017! bit.ly/growbisd

This past weekend we have over 70 educators from all over Texas attend EdCamp Grow in Brenham, TX!  The collaboration was amazing with all the ideas being shared.  Many of the educators in the sessions were using our shared notes page.  Feel free to check it out and find many great strategies, tips, tricks, and tools to bring back to your classroom.

Also, don't forget to check out all the end-of-Edcamp Post-it note responses here about 1 thing each attendee took away from Edcamp Grow.  Those can be found HERE.
Finally, the hashtag on twitter, #edcampgrow, was buzzing with wonderful ideas!  Go back through and check out some of the highlights from Edcamp Grow 2017!

Also, a couple of reminders:
  • As you have noticed, EdCamps are amazing, innovative, collaborative events!  This upcoming Saturday, March 4th, is #edcampleander.  Sign-up information for Edcamp Leander can be found HERE.  
  • Later this semester, May 20, is the official Texas Google Summit in Klein ISD, TxGoo17!  Registration is HERE.  Techs4tex were great sponsors of EdCamp Grow.  
  • Want to host your own EdCamp?  Need some help?  Contact the Edcamp Foundation at edcamp.org.  Need some pointers or advice??  Our BISDwired team can give you some ideas and tips about setting up your own Edcamp.
  • In one of our sessions, we talked about education grants that are out there for you to apply for.  Here is a list of some possible options:

    1.)  This first grant is an EdCamp Foundation Impact Grant.  So.... thanks to your attendance for coming to the EdCamp Frow.... you could apply for this grant. Impact grants of $1,000 are available for edcampers who want to implement an idea sparked at an edcamp.  They are especially interested in helping people further their professional growth as educators.  Pitch an idea to them and get funding to make your idea a reality!  For application, go HERE: http://tinyurl.com/EdcampImpact

    2.)  Here is that huge list of Grants I was talking about through Edutopia.
    4.) txgoo.org has an excellent grant!  They are excited about funding ideas!
    3.)  Use a donation website (example: Donors Choose) and ask peers, friends, strangers, etc, for donations.


Your BISDwired Instructional Tech Specialist Team:

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