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Teaching Tip Tuesday: Headband Vocabulary Review Fun

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Headband Vocabulary Review Fun

Last Friday, I did a blog post on Charades/Heads Up app for vocabulary review. This week I saw one of our Geography teachers using the non-digital version. It was great! What I discovered is it doesn't matter if you do it digitally or non-digitally, the students love it both ways. The students love it, but most importantly, the students are learning the vocabulary.

How does it work?
After talking to the teacher (Mrs. Ruiz), she explained how she did this in her classroom. 
1. Have students make vocabulary flash cards (the drawings used with the words were amazing).
2. Have the students get in partners.
3. Put the flash card into the headband.
4. One student places the headband on their head.
5. The other student gives clues to what the word means, so the student with the headband can guess what is on his or her head.
6. Then the other student takes a turn wearing the headband.
7. See how many each student can get correct. The student with the most cards guessed correctly wins.

Where did Mrs. Ruiz get her headbands from?
Mrs. Ruiz got it from the kids' game, Hedbanz. The game can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and pretty much any other store that sells games.

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