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Making Connections Monday: Meredith Akers @meredithakers

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Making Connections Monday:
Meredith Akers @meredithakers

We enjoy shouting out amazing educators on Mondays, both in-district and out. Today, we are spotlighting a fantastic educator, Meredith Akers! Meredith is an assistant principal in Cy-Fair ISD.

Meredith is extremely passionate about education, her staff, and most of all... her students! If she's not hosting PD's sessions during and/or after school at her Elementary school, she's sharing ideas through social media! Meredith is active on Twitter and her blog!

 I was fortunate enough to meet Meredith last year at @edcampgrow in Brenham, TX. Meredith has an amazing vision for how schools and education should operate. She is EXTREMELY smart and passionate when it comes to instruction, curriculum, and technology.  Meredith was also featured on our blog: 17 Educators to Follow in 2017! Meredith is already moving mountains in education… I can’t wait to see what she does next! 

Follow Meredith on Twitter: HERE (@meredithakers)
Check out her fantastic blog: HERE

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Tom Spall
Troy Kuhn
Brittni Branton

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