Web Tool Wednesday: Using CuePrompter When Recording Tutorials and/or Student Presentations

Using CuePrompter When Recording Tutorials and/or Student Presentations

Do you have students recording presentations or have you ever recorded video tutorials for your students?  Have you ever had students record speeches, or book summaries?  

An awesome web-tool that is available on laptops and/or Chromebooks is CuePrompter.  This website allows you to type and/or paste in text to be scrolled through a CuePrompter for easy reading while you are recording a video.

Visit: CuePrompter.com and check it out now!  

The user has multiple options when adding text to CuePrompter.  Features include:

  • Keyboard controls (spacebar , ∧ , ∨)
  • Foot pedal available from X-keys
  • adjustable speed
  • forward, stop and reverse scrolling buttons
  • normal and mirrored display (mirror with Kcab font installed)
  • Instructional video
  • New site for touch screen users: ZaCue teleprompter
    Optimised for smartphone and tablet (Android phones, iPhone, iPad etc.)

Users can also change the prompter width and height, and the prompter text can be mirrored.  The font size can be changed from small to big, and the user can set three different colors for readability:  

-White text with a black background
-Black text with a white background
-Black text with a yellow background 

When you are recording, use the space-bar to start/stop, and other keyboard shortcuts to keep pace with the text.  Speed up or down the text with speed options at the top of your screen.

Enjoy this great tool with your students as you record speeches, recite content, and or provide presentations.  This site works best in Google Chrome and or Microsoft Edge.  Wonderful for student Chromebooks!

Troy Kuhn, ITS from our @bisdwiredteam, orignially did a great blog post on this a while back.  Check it out HERE!