Web Tool Wednesday: Part II of Podcasts

Web Tool Wednesday: Part II of Podcasts

A few weeks ago we discussed all the great podcasts out there to listen to in your car or at home.  Check out that podcast, HERE.

I wanted to share about how students can create podcasts in the classroom. I even went to a conference where a presenter talked about students entering into a contest with their podcast. 

Here is what you can do:
1. Have a student write up a script (or paper).
2. Add music as an introduction and background. I like to use https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?nv=1. *Music is optional.
3. Then have students read their script with a tool like vocaroo.
4. Download or share link of audio recording with teacher, classmates, or world!

There are several different tools you can use to record like:
*Garage Band (ios app)
*Anchor (web based & app)
*Vocaroo (web based)-- my personal favorite!
*Audacity (download to computer)
*Online-Voice-Recorder (web based)-- easy to use, too!

Here are some helpful links for everything you need for creating a podcast assignment in your classroom:
This is a template you can use for your podcast. It is created by @acluttsSVHS. Or, have the students write an actual essay where they will read their essay.
Here is a podcast competition put on by the NPR, and winners are aired on the NPR.
Here is a rubric you can use for podcasts in your classroom.
@EdTechLori is a great resource for podcasts too, (thanks for the presentation)!

Please contact us @BISDWiredTeam, if you want us to help you with a pocast assignment in your classroom!