Final 18/19 School Year Post: See You In The Fall! - @BISDwiredTeam

 See You In The Fall! 

Thank you to everyone that has been following our daily blog post!  We appreciate you reading and sharing our blog posts.  As we do every year, we will be taking the summer off.

We know... but don't worry, we'll be back August 1st.  However, to ensure you have plenty to read over the summer, please feel free to check out any of 1,300 blog posts, HERE.

Also, check out our "Top Viewed" posts listed below.  Remember to follow us on Twitter: @tommyspall @tskuhn and @brittnitech or our team account: @bisdwiredteam

Finally, be on the lookout for possible Saturday and/or Sunday blog posts during the Summer.  When we're not soaking up the sun, we might take some time to blog.  :)  Have a great Summer!



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