Friday Follow Up: Great #Edtech Posts From This Past Week! (9/30/19 - 10/4/19)

Week in Review: 9/30/19 - 10/4/19
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Rubrics are often necessary scoring guidelines that ensure you have consistency in evaluating student work that doesn't have an answer key. For those that don't like making rubrics or just would like one of the....

Our #eCubSafe topic this week is SHARING digitally. The question we need to ask ourselves and our students is when should we share online and when should we not share online. 

Questions to ponder with your

Do you have students recording presentations or have you ever recorded video tutorials for your students?  Have you ever had students record speeches, or book summaries?  
An awesome web-tool that is....

When planning lessons or upcoming units, teachers typically ask us what digital tools will best fit into their plans.  They have the content, we provide the instructional tool to utilize for feedback, assessments and much more. This year, we've....

WOW! I just listened to Simon Sinek's 2014 Ted Talk: "Why good leaders make you feel safe." AMAZING! This is great for both Educators and....

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